Here Is Why Sony Will NOT Attend E3 2019 For The First Time In Over 20 Years

E3, the world’s biggest video game event will be missing one of their most anticipated conferences. For the first time in 24 years, Sony Interactive Entertainment will not be attending E3. Traditionally, Sony holds their PlayStation event the Monday before E3 begins. This event draws in thousands of fans and usually takes up acres of […]

Sony Doesn\’t Want PS4 Owners to Play With Others

One of the bigger things to come out of E3 this week was the revelation that soon gamers on a PC, Xbox One, and Switch will be able to play together no matter what device they own. This is great, unless you have a PlayStation 4. This week Microsoft announced that Minecraft will be cross-play […]

Sony Will Not Bring Native Backwards Compatibility to the PS4

One of the biggest pieces of news out of E3 this week was the native backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, but it’s unfortunately not something Sony will bring to the PS4. The Xbox One does its backwards compatibility by emulating the entire 360 VM on the system. So when you play an Xbox 360 […]

Boba Fett in Disney Infinity is PlayStation Exclusive at Launch

If you want to play with Boba Fett in Disney Infinity this fall, you’re going to need to own a PlayStation system. Much like the marketing deal Sony had with Disney for last year’s game, which saw the Hulk be a timed-PlayStation exclusive, the same thing is true with Boba Fett this year. That doesn’t […]

See Two Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Videos from E3

E3 is underway in Los Angeles and we’re there on the floor today checking out some Star Wars stuff, but there are two Battlefront gameplay trailers out. As many have feared there’s no single player in Battlefront, so you’ll be getting a pure multiplayer game for your $60. Still, it looks very impressive and the […]

EA Reveals Their Star Wars Lineup for E3

We’re only a couple days away from the kick-off to E3 2015 and EA has revealed the Star Wars lineup they’re brining with them to the show. As expected, Star Wars Battlefront is the highlight of their small Star Wars E3 lineup. We’ll get to see the Battle of Hoth at the show, and according […]

Remastered Halo Coming November 15th

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since we first played what has become one of the most popular first-person-shooters ever. This November, Microsoft will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved with a remastered version of the original game for the Xbox 360. In addition to completely upgraded graphics throughout the […]

Prey 2: E3 Trailer Released

Another beautiful looking trailer from Bethsoft, this time for Prey 2. While it disconnects from the original story of Prey, I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. Not that the original was an awful story, just … Well.. Just watch the trailer, you’ll see what I mean! “Prey 2, the sequel to the award-winning 2006 […]

E3 2010: Player Ships in The Old Republic

As part of their big E3 2010 reveal for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware has announced that players will be able to get starships to decorate. Think of them as player housing in other MMORPGs. They’ve released a video, which you can check out below, that showcases the Republic Corellian Vanguard-Class Light Corvette and […]

E3 2010: Medal of Honor Gameplay (multiplayer)

Our final quick video from E3 comes from EA’s booth where they had the multiplayer component of the upcoming Medal of Honor reboot playable. The core game is being developed by EA, while DICE (of Battlefield fame) is handling the multiplayer, which is why it looks so much like Battlefield: Bad Company 2. You can […]