Reddit May Be on the Path to the Final Guardians Easter Egg

Most Marvel fans are aware that there is still one unknown Easter Egg in the first Guardians of the Galaxy. James Gunn recently said he’d reveal it on his death bed, but one Reddit user may be on the path to discovering it. In this thread on the r/marvelstudios sub, user/SprakeDK has decoded the coordinates […]

After Guardians Vol. 3, James Gunn Will Help Marvel Bring More Cosmic to the Big Screen

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that James Gunn has done wonders in introducing the general public to the awesomeness that is Marvel Cosmic with the two Guardians movies. And now Marvel recognizes that and it sounds as if he’ll be the one to help bring more Marvel Cosmic characters to the big screen in […]

James Gunn Will Write & Direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Fans can rest easy now, the Guardians of the Galaxy will be a trilogy and James Gunn will complete it. The director made the big announcement on his Facebook page, confirming that he will return to write and direct a third movie: “Before I was able to honestly answer this, I needed to know it […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Tracking at $150M+ Opening

The Fate of the Furious may be coming out this weekend, but summer movie season doesn’t officially kick off until May 5 with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. And the initial box office predictions have arrived. The film is tracking to open at $150 million, over $50 million more than the original’s $94 million […]

Disneyland\’s Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Keeps a Key Feature of Tower of Terror

When Disneyland announced that the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was being re-themed to Guardians of the Galaxy, a group of Disney bloggers with an agenda started to spread every bad (and fake) rumor they could about the ride to make people angry. One of these rumors was that a key feature of Tower of […]

The Extended Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Super Bowl Spot is Here!

Immediately after airing during the team introductions for Super Bowl LI, Marvel has released the extended Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 spot online. The thirty second spot was great, but the extended one is even better. Still no glimpse of Stallone or Ego in his human form, but you get to see more of […]

LYT\’s Honest Holiday Gift Guide for the Toy Collector

Hey kids! It’s time for another holiday gift guide and… Wait! Come back! I know what you’re thinking. “He’s just going to show us some stuff we already know about, repeat marketing copy, and whatever…we get it.” But this is different. This isn’t me looking online and telling you, more or less, what I would […]

Disney Reveals the Final Look of the Guardians of the Galaxy Ride in California

Previously seen only in concept art, Disney has released a video showcasing the final look for California’s Tower of Terror as it’s being transformed into Guardians of the Galaxy: Breakout. The new tower will be called the “Collector’s Fortress” and basically will look a lot like the existing tower, although a big difference is that […]

Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Could Be Marvel\’s \’Galactus Cloud\’ Moment

Marvel has done a very good job at being true to the comic books with the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, but now that may be changing depending on how Ego is handled in the end. At San Diego Comic Con, Marvel revealed that Kurt Russell will be playing Star Lord’s father in Guardians of the […]

Rumor: Disney\’s Guardians of the Galaxy Rides Announced at SDCC

San Diego Comic Con opens today, but Marvel may have more than just movies to announce at their big Studios panel on Saturday night. WDW News Today believes that Marvel will use the panel to officially announce the two new Guardians of the Galaxy rides, as construction on both will begin in the fall and […]

Confirmed? Tower of Terror Changing to Guardians of the Galaxy

Earlier this year, a rumor started to spread that Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror would be changing to a Guardians of the Galaxy theme next year. Disney park fans dismissed the rumor and spent months mocking it, mostly because they didn’t want to believe it, but there have been some developments today. Firstly one […]

Guardians of the Galaxy is Spielberg\’s Favorite Superhero Movie

Steven Spielberg hasn’t made a superhero movie, and may not ever, but he’s admitted that his favorite one in the genre is James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The comments were made in a French interview at the Cannes Film Festival, and James Gunn shared a translation on his social media today: It’s hilarious that […]