Podcast #74 – EP7 almost done, Age of Ultron, Terminator reboot

In Star Wars news we took a peek at Vader’s cameo in Rebels, checked out some cool SW shooters that were canceled, and reminded everyone that Ep VII is almost done filming! The Age of Ultron teaser is out and Marvel is using more CGI than all of the Star Wars prequels. In other news, Inhumans […]

Podcast #73 – Brad Bird, Iron Man, DC Schedule Revealed

Starting off the podcast we only had a little bit of Star Wars news which included Brad Bird‘s decision to not direct EP 7, and something awesome that happened on Rebels. In comic book news Iron Man will appear in Captain America 3! Dare Devil’s suit (Netflix) has also been revealed. It’s not red. We […]

Podcast #72 – Episode 7 Spoilers, Defending The Prequels, Marvel Spoilers

We’ve talked about Star Wars spin-offs in the past, and now we’ve got some solid info that three of said spin-offs could be about Obi-Wan! Episode 7 is coming together quite nicely. Most of the filming is done and John Williams will start his work in 2 weeks. People say ‘Loose Lips Sink Starships’ was made up […]

Podcast #71 – Black Stormtroopers, Iron Man 4

This week in Star Wars news we first discussed some drama that happened with a guy who thought he would become rich from a set picture he took so he started sending sites “cease and desist” letters for…embedding his tweet. In other SW news we went over the black Stormtrooper theory, squashed an Endor rumor, […]

Podcast #70 – Episode 7 rumors, spoilers, and a flashback to SWG

Today we’re running a Star Wars only edition of the podcast.  Here are the links we covered. The New Star Wars Canon Begins Today Could Lando Be in Star Wars Episode VII After All? (Possible Spoilers) The Leaked Episode VII Stormtrooper Photos Were Taken at Pinewood About Those New Episode VII ‘Big Bad’ Rumors (Possible […]

Podcast #69 – Stormtrooper leak? Blizzard tribute to Robin Williams

Today on the show, as always, we started with Star Wars news.  And in no particular order; this might be the new ST helmet, JJ Abrams reveals a robotic hand, Disney is ramping up their Star Wars theme parks, and here’s proof that there may be another Blu-Ray release of SW in 4k. Lastly in […]

Podcast #68 – Kevin Smith Says Ep7 is so good it made him cry

We are back and have a lot to cover so I’ll just jump right it and show you some of the stuff we went over. In Star Wars news Kevin Smith Confirms Stormtroopers are in Episode VII, JJ Abrams Reveals Episode VII’s X-Wing, and the possible plot for Episode 7 revealed! But wait there’s more […]

Podcast #67 – Harrison Ford broken ankle, Sith Inquisitors, Upcoming DC Movies

Today on the show we talked about Harrison Ford’s little accident, heard what Star Wars: Underworld was about, learned about some missing Falcon dice, debunked the tennis shoe in Return of the Jedi, and finally we speculate about Sith Inquisitors in EP 7.  Sadly, the Indiana Jones Stunt Show will shut down – thankfully it’s for […]

Podcast #66 – Star Wars Rumor Patrol, Game of Thrones news, Jupiter Ascending delayed

We had  a bunch of Episode 7 rumors that came out this week.  Here’s a few things to remember about the rumor mill. Abrams left a funny note on the set after that big TMZ leak. Speculation about Dathomir Sith Witches here, and news that Josh Trank will be tackling a spin-off.  And in Marvel gossip, we […]

Podcast #65 – Episode 7 news, X-men Movies, Interstellar plot details

Lots of Star Wars news to cover this week! First, the director of Godzilla will also direct a Star Wars spin-off. His writer is scrambling to delete all of the prequel bashing that he did. Watch Abrams get photobombed by an alien on the Abu Dhabi set. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, a browser based space […]

Podcast #64 – Star Wars leaks, Jurassic World, Ridley Scott

This is our first podcast back since the crash and we have a ton of SW news. Jeremy gave us the run down on the Star Wars executive breakfast, Disney and Boba fett spin offs, possible release dates, some AT AT photos (thanks to the assistant director trying to get laid on Tinder), and some […]