Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Updated for Spider-Man: Homecoming)

It’s a pretty popular thing to rank the Marvel Studios movies from best to worst. Everyone seems to have their own personal list of which is the best of the current crop of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, so we decided to put ours out there. This list will be updated with the release of each […]

Mile High Comics Leaves San Diego Comic Con After 44 Years

In what may be the final nail in the “comic” part of the convention’s name, a staple of San Diego Comic Con since 1973 is gone. Mile High Comics has announced that the 2017 convention will not see their famous giant booth full of comics. They explain why on their website: “What made the situation […]

Theory: Tony Stark Dies in Avengers 4

Marvel is keeping things about the fourth Avengers movie pretty hush-hush right now, not even revealing the title, but enough is seeping out in hints to form a theory that their MCU founding character could die in the movie. Completely ignoring the comic “Infinity Gauntlet” storyline where Thanos kills 50% of the life in the […]

The Spider-Man: Homecoming Post-Credits Scenes (SPOILERS)

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens this weekend, and as usual with a Marvel movie there are a couple of scenes in the credits. If you want to be spoiled or not stay for them, this is what you’ll see after the movie. The first credits scene happens right after the initial credits and likely sets up the […]

\’DCEULeaks\’ on Reddit Is Not a Source of Real DCEU Leaks

Over the last few weeks numerous comic book and films sites have been making themselves look like complete idiots by sourcing big DC movie “scoops” from a subreddit. The hilarious thing about this is almost everyone who uses Reddit, and knows about the DCEULeaks sub, is well aware that everything posted there is bogus. They’re […]

Comparing The Last Jedi Trailer Schedule to TFA & Rogue One

There are a lot of Star Wars fans in a panic this week after they found out that The Last Jedi won’t be at San Diego Comic Con. While Lucasfilm will be showing footage at D23 Expo in a week, people are trying to craft a narrative that they’re not marketing The Last Jedi simply […]

D23 Expo Will Get a The Last Jedi BTS \’Sizzle\’

This weekend we learned that The Last Jedi will not be in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con, but there will be new footage screened at D23 Expo next week. There have been strong rumors that we’ll see a new Behind-the-Scenes “Sizzle” at D23 much like Rogue One got at Celebration last year, and […]

The Last Jedi Won\’t Be at San Diego Comic Con (Duh)

Those who decide to skip Disney’s D23 Expo in the hopes of seeing Star Wars in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con will be disappointed for the second year in a row. Due to Disney holding their own convention a week before, which will feature new Marvel movies and The Last Jedi, they won’t […]

Marvel Mocks BvS\’s \’Martha!\’ Scene

Marvel has a habit of mocking DC in their comics, and now it’s Batman V Superman’s turn. Most recently they poked fun at DC’s Rebirth event, which is ironic because DC has kicked Marvel’s ass in sales ever since, and Marvel has also poked fun at itself such as when they killed the 2015 Fantastic […]

The Venom Movie is DOA Because Sony Fails to Understand the Character

Now that the confusion over the non-Spider-Man Venom movie has been cleared up by Sony, where it won’t exist in the MCU and thus have no connection to Spider-Man, we can clearly see how the movie is dead on arrival. Not because Tom Hardy will make a poor Venom, but because of a fundamental failure […]