John Williams is NOT Starting the Episode VIII Score Early

This weekend Star Wars fans went into a frenzy when a report came out that said John Williams would begin work on the Episode VIII score soon. The early nature of this lead to speculation that Disney could be moving the release date back to May, but now it’s apparent that Williams never said he […]

Podcast #81 – Star Wars Spin Off Title, Jason Momoa \’F*ck Marvel\’

We went over a ton of stuff today, so here is the stuff we covered starting with Star Wars. The Star Wars Anime Short is Complete First Star Wars Spin-Off is Titled & Episode VIII Release Date Announced! more Info on the Potential Star Wars TV Series John Williams Will Record The Force Awakens Score […]

John Williams Begins His Episode VII Work in Two Weeks!

With all of the spoiler leaks surrounding Episode VII lately, it’s almost easy to forget that the movie is actually wrapping up filming around this time. We’ve been hearing about several actors finishing their work on the film and heading home, and now it sounds like the next major step of post-production is about to […]

Michael Giacchino is NOT Helping John Williams Score Episode VII

Earlier this week a rumor popped up saying that long-time JJ Abrams collaborator Michael Giacchino would be helping John Williams score Star Wars Episode VII. The rumor originated via a one-off line in a story on AICN, and based on their recent track record of Star Wars rumors many were skeptical. Our Bothan spy wrangler […]

The 10 Best Pieces of Star Wars Music

There’s no doubt that Star Wars has the best movie soundtracks of all time. There’s really no debating that actually. But if you were to burn a Star Wars “mix tape” CD to listen to in your car, what are the ten tracks that absolutely should go on it? Below we’ve collected the ten pieces […]