A Matrix Reboot? They Already Tried That With Jupiter Ascending

Last night word came out that Warner Brothers is considering a reboot of The Matrix. It’s not clear if it’ll be a hard reboot, a relaunch, or a prequel of sorts, but Michael B. Jordan is rumored to be involved and that’s sparked all sorts of Morpheus prequel fan casting. Also it’s not clear if […]

5 Things Jupiter Ascending Recycled From The Matrix Trilogy

The Wachowskis have their devoted group of fans who will endlessly post Speed Racer gifs on the internet to try to explain why that bomb is an amazing movie, and then there are those who believe Cloud Atlas is some misunderstood masterpiece. But the facts of reality is that the siblings haven’t had an honest […]

Furious Fancast #79 – Star Wars legal team is no joke, Episode 7 news and tidbits

Today Jeremy and I talked about how Disney is going after leakers pretty hard.  We’ve got some EP7 news, here’s a list of links we touched on. Lucasfilm Pursuing a Force Awakens Leaker in Federal Court Are There Hutts in The Force Awakens? Disney’s CEO Makes the Episode VIII and IX Dates Official How the […]

The Extended Jupiter Ascending Trailer is the Best Yet

Prior to its delay last year the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending was looking very good. Warner delayed it almost a year to its release date next week due to the amount of effects work it needed at the time. What a difference the delay has made. The movie has gone from looking just very good, to […]

Podcast #66 – Star Wars Rumor Patrol, Game of Thrones news, Jupiter Ascending delayed

We had  a bunch of Episode 7 rumors that came out this week.  Here’s a few things to remember about the rumor mill. Abrams left a funny note on the set after that big TMZ leak. Speculation about Dathomir Sith Witches here, and news that Josh Trank will be tackling a spin-off.  And in Marvel gossip, we […]

Jupiter Ascending Delayed Until 2015

If you were hoping to see the Wachowski’s new science fiction epic in theaters next month, you’re going to have a much longer wait. Apparently due to many of the effects still being incomplete Warner Brothers has delayed Jupiter Ascending to February 2015. This means that it’ll open up against Seventh Son, the troubled fantasy […]