Justice League: A Look at the Numbers

With the Justice League out I thought I’d take a look at how it has been received by the critics and how it compares to the other DC and Marvel movies that have come out lately. Also since I’m a huge fan of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies I thought I’d also throw those in […]

Superman, New Era, And A Justice League Spoiler

The return of Superman to the Justice League is something every fan of the series is looking forward to but has a merchandising error just spoiled the manner in which we see his return? SuperHeroStuff.com lists a “Superman Black Armor Justice League 39Thirty Fitted Hat” by New Era and their product description may reveal a […]

New Justice League Photo Shows Barry Allen\’s Lair

With just a little over two months until the Justice League hits theaters teaser photos from the film are beginning to surface causing fans anticipation to spike. The most recent pic to hit the internet shows Ezra Miller as Barry Allen causally standing in his headquarters with what is almost certainly a treasure trove of […]

Justice League May Have the Best DCEU Superman

Superman will return in Justice League in a big way, if what Geoff Johns is hinting at is true. Responding to a site ranking Superman’s best DCEU moments, Johns said on Twitter they’ll need to revise their list: Get ready to revise your list. https://t.co/lnOMdXYJ58 — Geoff Johns (@geoffjohns) June 9, 2017 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js So far […]

Wonder Woman is Great Until It\’s Not

All it took for the DC Extended Universe to get on track was pairing a director who hasn’t made a film in 14 years with a female character who has never had her own movie. Wonder Woman is the fourth installment of the DCEU, and follows Amazonian goddess Diana Prince as she accompanies an American […]

There Have Been NO Justice League Reshoots Yet

Last week a site with a dubious reputation for the truth reported that there have been extensive reshoots for Justice League, basically re-filming the entire movie. Obviously that sounded a little crazy and while there were denials given to big Hollywood trades, we haven’t heard anything official from the filmmakers themselves. Collider asked Producer Charles […]

Zack Snyder Mocks Justice League Runtime Rumors

There have been a lot of stories floating around the internet about Justice League since its trailer dropped last week, with the most recent being that the film will run (an exhausting) 170 minutes. For reference, Batman v Superman was 151 minutes and Suicide Squad just 123 (even if it felt like an eternity). It […]

The First Official Justice League Trailer Looks Great!

Today is officially the one year anniversary of Batman V Superman’s release, and to mark it Warner has released the first official trailer for Justice League! There’s not much talk of Mother Boxes here, although we see one, but there are a lot of Parademons. The trailer focuses on Bruce and Diana putting together the […]

New Wonder Woman Photo from Justice League

Today was a big Wonder Woman 75th anniversary event at the UN where they made the fictional comic book character an official ambassador. To tie into that event, Zack Snyder released a new image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in next year’s Justice League. The movie recently wrapped production in the UK before moving […]

Justice League\’s Mera Revealed

IGN has revealed concept art of Aquaman’s girlfriend/wife Mera as she’ll appear in next year’s Justice League movie. The reason why this concept art is released is because they are currently filming Justice League in Iceland and Amber Herd is there in full costume. Here’s the photo of her in the final costume: © 2016 […]

New Justice League Behind the Scenes Video!

Zack Snyder has marked the final day of Justice League filming in the UK by releasing a behind the scenes video with a bunch of new footage in it. We get to see the team together and them fighting off a bunch of green-screen clad enemies. Most likely these are Steppenwolf’s Parademons. There are some […]