The Kree, Alien Race From Captain Marvel: Everything You Need To Know

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on a role for the past decade or so. The studio also shows no plans of slowing down as Captain Marvel will be the latest MCU film to hit the screen on March 8, 2019. If you don’t know Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers you will soon enough. She’s […]

Stan Lee Dead: Full Story & Must-See Details

Marvel’s legend Stan Lee dies at age 95. Well-known for his comic book writing, editing, publishing, acting, and cameos he was an icon in pop culture. People of all ages come together to give their condolences and revel in the legacy of the man who changed the entertainment world. Born on December 28, 1922, in […]

A Little Perspective on Marvel\’s Digital Copy Comic Change

For a few years comic readers who bought a physical copy of a Marvel $3.99 comic would receive a code for a free digital copy of that book. This policy changed in 2017 where now Marvel is just giving a related issue of a much older run to entice people into reading something else. Immediately […]

Thank You, Stan Lee! Excelsior!

This past weekend marked the final New England appearance of the one and only Stan Lee. It took place at Rhode Island Comic Con … and what an appearance it was. Friday, 11/11 was the first day of the con. I attended the Stan Lee VIP photo op, autograph signing and panel. I guess you […]

Does Marvel Comics Need Its Own \’Rebirth\’?

Ever since DC Comics relaunched their line with the amazing Rebirth event, the company has consistently topped Marvel Comics on the monthly sales charts. The combination of $2.99 cover prices and stories that return to the core of the popular DC characters has paid off in an even bigger way than the New 52 did […]

DC Rebirth Continues to Destroy Marvel in Sales

The comic sales are in for July 2016, and DC Rebirth continues to make life hard for Marvel and their publicity stunts. Diamond has posted the top-selling comics for last month, and the top ten books only include two Marvel titles because Civil War II released twice last month: 1 JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 2 JUSTICE […]

Stop Wishing That DC Was More Like Marvel

Something we saw back at the release of Batman V Superman and now with Suicide Squad is a common thread among “critics” who bitch and moan that DC isn’t more like Marvel. This just makes these critics look like clueless idiots who never picked up a comic book in their lives. Wishing that DC was […]

George Lucas is a Fan of Marvel\’s Han Solo

The Maker himself appears to be a fan of the new Marvel Han Solo comic mini-series, as George Lucas has requested original art from the artist. Mark Brooks, who draws the mini-series for Marvel, announced on his Facebook that George Lucas wants to purchase every original page from the first two issues of the book: […]

Marvel Gives the Fantastic Four\’s Home to Spidey

The continual burial of the Fantastic Four in the comics continues, as Spidey will be taking over their home. While Marvel has still not yet announced a new Fantastic Four comic following Secret Wars, it doesn’t look promising based on what’s going to be happening in Amazing Spider-Man. In the third issue of he relaunch, […]

Spider-Man is Joining the X-Men in December

This month marks the month-long “Death of Wolverine” event in Marvel comics. Following the four weekly issues that will see Logan finally die (after his healing factor was burned out), there will be a long aftermath of mini-series showing how the Marvel Universe reacts to its most popular and bankable character being dead. But what […]

Here\’s the Avengers NOW! Team Line-Up

As part of the third wave of Marvel NOW! #1 reboots, we’re going to see an all-new Avengers team. Titled, surprisingly, Avengers NOW! the new team consists of characters that are owned by Marvel Studios and will be featured in either movies or television series. The characters in the lineup, from left to right, are: […]

Marvel Will Announce a New \’Classic Super Hero\’ Comic on The Colbert Report

Marvel’s not done canceling short-running comic series to replace them with a new #1 just to lure investment collectors, as they will be announcing another new comic tonight on The Colbert Report. Yesterday Marvel announced that Thor: God of Thunder would be ending to be replaced by an all-new Thor #1 featuring a new female […]