Everything You Need To Know About Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It has been a good year for gaming. However, there is still a little over a month left of 2018, and one of the most anticipated Nintendo titles has yet to release. Nintendo fans have highly coveted Super Smash Brothers. Every major console that the company has put out has had a Smash game come […]

The Nintendo Switch Feels Like Nintendo\’s Rebirth

I’ve been a Nintendo fan all my life, all the way back to the original NES, and probably will continue to be. I’ve owned every Nintendo system (including the Virtual Boy) so I’ve been there with them in their highs and lows. After a really big mistake in the Wii U, the new Nintendo Switch […]

The Nintendo Switch is $299 and People Are Freaking Out

Last night Nintendo officially revealed the price and release date for the Switch, and people are going all kinds of stupid in their overreactions. The $299 tablet/console hybrid will hit stores on March 3rd, and in that package you’ll get the Switch hardware (the tablet), the dock to output it to the TV (which does […]