Everything You Need To Know About Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It has been a good year for gaming. However, there is still a little over a month left of 2018, and one of the most anticipated Nintendo titles has yet to release. Nintendo fans have highly coveted Super Smash Brothers. Every major console that the company has put out has had a Smash game come […]

The NES Returns to Stores This November!

This morning Nintendo announced a new all-in-one version of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System loaded with thirty games that will go on sale November 11th. These are similar to the Chinese-made Genesis and Atari 2600 “remakes” that have been sold in stores over previous years, but as this one is actually made by Nintendo you […]

Nintendo is Entering the Movie Business

Nintendo is trying to reinvent themselves with the March launch of their new system codenamed the “NX”, and now they want to enter the movie business as well. Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima gave an interview with Japan’s Asahi Shinbun where he says the company plans to produce their own movies. He said they want to […]

Next Nintendo Direct scheduled for November 12th

Nintendo has scheduled its next Nintendo Direct for Thursday, November 12th. It’s their first Direct since May 31st of this year. The North American Direct will start at 2 PM PST and 5 PM EST. The European Direct airs at 10 PM GMT. This will be the first Nintendo Direct since Satoru Iwata, CEO of […]

Cosplayer Makes Amazing 3D Printed Samus Aran Armor

A poster at the RPF has completed a two year journey to create a perfect Samus Aran Metroid Varia suit of armor via the use of 3D printers. You can read her entire progress via this thread at the RPF, which shows in-progress development of the suit. We gotta say, it turned out very well […]

Is Mario Kart 8 the Wii U\’s Savior?

As the gaming industry spirals towards this year’s annual E3 show we enter what has traditionally been a slow period for game releases. This time of year most of the big publishers are busy preparing for the big show in Los Angeles, which means if any game is released it’s usually something that just gets […]

Wii U Super Smash Bros. Can Use GameCube Controllers

Ever since the GameCube version of Super Smash Bros., hardcore players have preferred that controller for the game. The Wii version of the series, Brawl, was able to support GameCube controllers as that system had built-in controller ports for those pads. But until now Wii U owners were wondering how such a thing would be […]

Nintendo Says Sorry for 3DS Price Drop with 20 Free Games

Are you one of those people who plopped down $250 for a 3DS and are feeling a little burned now that Nintendo is dropping the price? Well, Nintendo is a bit guilty so beginning in September, 3DS early adopters (or “Ambassadors”) will be receiving a total of 20 free downloadable NES and GBA games. The […]

Robin Williams and His Daughter Zelda Talk…Zelda

This weekend, the greatest Zelda game ever made is re-released for the Nintendo 3DS. Originally released in 1998, The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time eclipsed all past and future Zelda titles to become the definitive game in the long running series. I can vividly remember playing through the game over Thanksgiving in 1998. […]

Nintendo Officially Announces Wii Successor for 2012

While it’s been rumored for a couple weeks, today Nintendo made it official; their new console will arrive in 2012. This crushes some wild rumors that said it would be out this year, but it still leaves open a ton of questions including the rumored 6″ screen on the controller and what the system itself […]