2018 Black Friday PlayStation Deals You Should Check Out

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost upon us and with that comes some of the best deals for gamers. Here are some sales to watch out with PlayStation products. Sony is offering a bundle of the PlayStation 4 and their hit game Spider-Man for $199.99. This bundle includes a jet black 1TB PS4, matching […]

Sony Doesn\’t Want PS4 Owners to Play With Others

One of the bigger things to come out of E3 this week was the revelation that soon gamers on a PC, Xbox One, and Switch will be able to play together no matter what device they own. This is great, unless you have a PlayStation 4. This week Microsoft announced that Minecraft will be cross-play […]

New PlayStation 4 Firmware Will \’Boost\’ Most Games on PS4 Pro

This morning Sony revealed the 4.50 firmware for the PlayStation 4, and there’s a pretty cool undocumented feature. Buried in the new settings that beta testers have found is a “boost” option that can be turned on if you own a PS4 Pro. This will affect older games, released before the PS4 Pro, that haven’t […]

The PlayStation 4 Finally Receives External HDD Support!

One of the big advantages the Xbox One has had over the PlayStation 4 has been the ability to easily add external storage. On the Xbox One you can add two external HDDs up to a total of 16TB through the system’s USB ports. Up until now, the PlayStation 4 only supported replacing the internal […]

There Are Some Big Issues With the New PS4 Pro

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro came out yesterday and while we’re not quite ready to review the system there are some big issues with the new hardware. I got my system yesterday and immediately replaced the stock 1TB HDD with a 2TB one. That’s still the highest you can go with expandable storage on the system […]

How Could the PS4 Support HDR?

Yesterday’s announcement that Sony will upgrade the firmware on all PlayStation 4s to support High Dynamic Range has some tech people scratching their heads as Sony wasn’t clear on what it’ll involve. The problem is that the current PlayStation 4 has a HDMI 1.4 port. For High Dynamic Range, hardware needs to support HDMI 2.0b. […]

Sony Scrambles to Plug the PS4 Slim Leak

Earlier this week, some people in the UK got their hands on the unannounced “slim” revision of the PlayStation 4. Photos and even video of the new hardware quickly made their way online, and now Sony is abusing copyright law to censor the images from the internet. YouTube users who created videos and used the […]

Sony May Have Shot the PlayStation 4 in the Foot

Back in June the Wall Street Journal reported that Sony planned to release a slimmer PlayStation 4 this year in addition to their upgraded “Neo” hardware. People mocked the report, claiming that there was no way Sony would “confuse” gamers by releasing a smaller PlayStation 4 right before the Neo. Despite reducing the size of […]

Sony Abusing YouTube Copyright to Silence No Man\’s Sky Discussion

Hello Games’ big “indie” PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive has accidentally made its way into the hands of some gamers early, but if you dare talk about it on YouTube Sony will slap you with a DMCA copyright claim. I’m not talking about showing footage of the pre-release version of the game, simply discussing the […]

PS4K \’Neo\’ Release Date Could Be October 13th

It’s been a busy day for Sony’s new PlayStation 4. Yesterday a presentation leaked providing solid proof of its specs (it’s less powerful than Xbox Scorpio) and now the release date may have slipped out. According to the VGLeaks website, Amazon Spain had a new model PlayStation 4 listed for October 13th: This meshes with […]

Sony May Release TWO New PlayStation 4s in 2016

Following E3 2016 and Microsoft’s Scorpio announcement, people have been knocking them for announcing two systems. But now Sony may release two this year itself. Microsoft will release the “slim” Xbox One S this August, but gamers will have to wait until next fall for the 6 TFLOP monster code-named Scorpio. Sony has been known […]

Exist Archive Launches in North America October 18th on PS4 and PSVita

Aksys Games took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce the news that they will be localizing Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky for PlayStation 4 and Vita. It will be released on October 18th as both a physical and digital release. Exist Archive is a JRPG by tri-Ace, the developers of Star […]