New Rogue One Behind the Scenes Feature Shows An Alternate Finale

Everyone knows that Rogue One went through a lot of changes in the reshoots. A lot of the third act changed, and while we got glimpses of the original finale on Scariff a new behind-the-scenes clip from ABC shows the original fates of two characters. The feature is focused on K-2SO, but the video they […]

What Rebels Fans Should Look and Listen For in Rogue One (Warning: Spoilers)

The Ghost isn’t the only thing from Star Wars Rebels you can spot in Rogue One, but you’ll need to pay attention and look closely for the other Easter Eggs. In addition to taking part in the battle over Scarif the Ghost can also be seen at the Rebel base on Yavin IV, but there […]

Rogue One Tickets Go On Sale, Sites Promptly Crash

  If you’re like me, you waited with your phone in hand, constantly refreshing your Fandango app until 12:01am EST on Monday “morning” to buy Rogue One: A Star Wars Story tickets. If you’re also like me, the site promptly crashed. Tickets for Rogue One went on sale, and like last year’s The Force Awakens, […]

OFFICIAL: Rogue One Ticket Sales Begin Monday!

It’s been rumored for a couple of weeks, but tonight it’s 100% official. Advance sales for Rogue One tickets in the US will begin this Monday, November 28th. Lucasfilm made the official announcement on Twitter tonight, and every major theater chain followed suit: Lord Vader, we've been expecting you. Tickets for #RogueOne: A Star Wars […]

New Rogue One Behind the Scenes Feaurette Has New Footage

Lucasfilm has released a new behind the scenes featurette for Rogue One and there’s some new footage and dialog in it. When Rogue One first began filming and spy photos from the set leaked out, people spotted what they believed to be a crashed X-Wing on the beach in Scarif. This new featurette shows it’s […]

Rogue One Covers Disney Twenty Three Magazine

The official Disney fan club, D23, has its own quarterly magazine and as expected Rogue One will be featured on the cover of the next issue. Disney announced the issue today, and the Rogue One content will include: “On December 16, Star Wars fans will blast off once again to a galaxy far, far away—only […]

Rogue One Poster Revealed & Trailer Tomorrow!

Lucasfilm has just released this week’s episode of The Star Wars Show (a bit late), and it confirms that we’ll be seeing a new trailer for Rogue One tomorrow. Normally The Star Wars Show is released around noon Pacific time on Wednesday. However this week’s show was delayed by quite a bit, leading many to […]

Michael Giacchino Will Score Rogue One

The first live-action Star Wars theatrical release without John Williams music just had a scoring shakeup. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Michael Giacchino will be replacing Alexandre Desplat due to the recent reshoots: “But the reshoots also altered the scoring calendar and Desplat, who won an Oscar for The Grand Budapest Hotel, was no […]

International Rogue One Trailer Features New Dialog & Footage!

An international trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been released and it features some new dialog and footage versus the trailer we saw last week. The biggest addition to the trailer is the revelation that they discovered the Death Star from a coded Imperial transmission that was sent by Galen Erso, Jyn’s […]

Are There Really People Who Don\’t Know Who Darth Vader Is?

With The Force Awakens out of the way, it’s starting to become apparently that certain media outlets are going to roast Rogue One over hot coals just for some juicy clickbait. We’ve already seen people complaining that they’re not excited for Rogue One, and the latest salvo in the growing Rogue One negativity is a […]

The New Rogue One Trailer is Here!

Just debuted during the Olympics is the newest trailer for December’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Featuring awesome music and setting the “Dark Times” up well this definitely sets up the next Star Wars movie in an awesome way. During the first victory against the Galactic Empire, these are the Rebel spies who steal […]