Mile High Comics Leaves San Diego Comic Con After 44 Years

In what may be the final nail in the “comic” part of the convention’s name, a staple of San Diego Comic Con since 1973 is gone. Mile High Comics has announced that the 2017 convention will not see their famous giant booth full of comics. They explain why on their website: “What made the situation […]

The First Justice League Trailer Will Blow Your Mind

If you’ve recovered from the awesome Wonder Woman trailer, the first footage of Justice League will send you into more geek convulsions. This is all very early as they’re still filming this in the UK, but Zack Snyder put together a special bit of footage for SDCC and it’s awesome! You see Bruce Wayne and […]

Check Out the Amazing Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer!

Direct from the San Diego Comic Con DC Films panel is the first trailer for next year’s Wonder Woman! At nearly three minutes the trailer shows off Diana fighting in World War I as well as her first meeting with Steve Trevor in Themyscira. Her costume in this movie has more color than the one […]

Rumor: Disney\’s Guardians of the Galaxy Rides Announced at SDCC

San Diego Comic Con opens today, but Marvel may have more than just movies to announce at their big Studios panel on Saturday night. WDW News Today believes that Marvel will use the panel to officially announce the two new Guardians of the Galaxy rides, as construction on both will begin in the fall and […]

The Force Awakens Luke Finally Receives a Collectible

On display at San Diego Comic Con this week is one of the first major collectibles of The Force Awakens Luke Skywalker. While there is a Funko Pop! vinyl of Luke, there hasn’t yet been an action figure from Kenner, or a Hot Toys figure. That’s now changed. Hot Toys has their Luke Skywalker on […]

Comic Con Pirates Have Ruined the Hall H Exclusive

For years San Diego Comic Con has been known for the mind-blowing exclusives shown in the mythical Hall H. However recent years have seen these exclusives leak out by idiots who film them with their phone for a few seconds of internet fame. Now those pirates may have ruined SDCC for everyone. The Wrap reports […]

Marvel Studios May Skip San Diego Comic Con This Year

Nearly every summer people spend nights sleeping on a San Diego sidewalk to get a seat in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con. Usually they really want to get into the hall to see Marvel’s big crowd-pleasing presentation. Except there may not be one in 2015. Just as Marvel didn’t bring Avengers footage to […]

When Will We Learn of Disney\’s Star Wars Rides?

Yesterday Disney had their annual earnings call, and of course the question about Star Wars in the theme parks came up. We’ve known for a long time that Disney has been working on ideas to bring more Star Wars stuff into the parks outside of the already existing Star Tours and Jedi Training Academy, the […]

Thanos Isn\’t in \’Age of Ultron\’, He\’s the \’Next Big Thing\’

This weekend’s Marvel panel as the San Diego Comic Con has sparked even more confusion over the future of Thanos and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Due to Josh Brolin showing up at the end of the panel, to officially confirm he’s Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and many people having selective hearing; there’s a […]

SDCC 2014: Download the Age of Ultron Concept Art Poster in High-Res

Over the course of San Diego Comic Con, Marvel was unveiling a large piece of Age of Ultron concept art featuring all of the Avengers fighting off Ultron’s Iron Legion. Once all of the pieces were revealed, we were just waiting for a nice super high-resolution version to make desktops of, and now it’s arrived. […]