Who Is Mysterio? Everything You Need To Know

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer released Tuesday, January 15, 2019, and fans everywhere rejoiced. Marvel fans knew the famous wall-crawler would be back after his last appearance in Avengers: Infinity Wars. With the trailer came many questions, some about the Avengers and others about the characters in the movie. However, one question has been on a lot […]

Spider-Man Isn\’t Quite Amazing, but At Least He\’s Home

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the second reboot in five years of the character, and features Tom Holland reprising his role as the titular hero from last year’s Captain America: Civil War. This time we skip over all the origin stories and Uncle Ben’s death and get right into Peter Parker trying to be a friendly neighborhood […]

Kevin Feige Hints the Spidey-MCU Deal Lasts Until Homecoming 2

Last month Sony created a bit a controversy when they said that the MCU deal for Spider-Man could end after the Homecoming sequel, and now Marvel has kind of backed that up. In an interview with THR, Keven Feige says Spider-Man will be in Avengers 4 and then the Homecoming sequel but that’s it as […]

Future Spider-Man Games Will Remain PlayStation-Exclusive

This week at E3 2016, Sony revealed a trailer for a new Spider-Man game developed by Insomniac. At the time, it was believed that since this was an original Spider-Man title and not based on a movie, it didn’t come under Activision’s claim to the character. Previously, Activision produced all of the Spider-Man games. Now […]

Marvel Characters Will Appear in Sony\’s New Spider-Man

Sony’s Spider-Man reboot next summer will exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and now there’s confirmation that Marvel characters can appear in the movie. Kevin Feige told Entertainment Weekly that is the case: “He is in the universe now, and the fun of the universe is that characters go back and forth,” Feige said. With […]

Is the New Spider-Man Movie Titled \’Homecoming\’?

Sony has registered a URL for a new Spider-Man movie, which could be the title of the upcoming live action reboot. The BBC discovered that Sony has registered a URL for “SpiderManHomecomingTheMovie.com” last week. They point out that Homecoming is the title of a Spider-Man story that did feature appearances by Iron Man and Captain […]

Could Marvel Keep Civil War\’s Spider-Man Hidden?

There’s a lot of people clamoring to see Spider-Man in Civil War, but could Marvel do what Lucasfilm did with Luke Skywalker? This is something I’ve been thinking about lately. Everyone really wants to see what Spider-Man looks like, but as he’s likely not in the movie that much it could be possible that Marvel […]

Rumor: Is This the Spider-Man Color Scheme in the MCU?

There are a lot of rumors flying around that we’ll get our first look at Spider-Man in the MCU soon, and a hoodie may have leaked showing the color scheme of the costume. Recently merchandise sites have shown Captain America and Iron Man hoodies from Civil War, and one even claimed to have an image […]

Could Miles Morales Appear in Marvel\’s Spider-Man Reboot?

Even before Marvel confirmed Peter Parker would be the Spider-Man in their reboot, there were rumors that Miles Morales could appear instead. The popularity of the character and the controversy of doing a Spider-Man movie without Peter Parker obviously fueled a lot of these rumors, but now there’s a hint that we could still see […]

This is NOT Spider-Man\’s Civil War Costume

There’s an image going viral on the internet this week with people claiming it’s what Tom Holland wears in Captain America: Civil War. This is not Spider-Man’s costume: This is an image from the Spanish-language film “María y el Araña”. The movie is sort of about Spider-Man as one of the main characters wears a […]

Rumor: This Probably Isn\’t Marvel\’s Spider-Man Costume

Brace yourselves, as Marvel’s Spider-Man costume is…quite different. Today Latino Review posted the below image claiming it’s a sketch of what the Spider-Man costume will look like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There not being any blue in the costume actually isn’t a departure as the original costume was black and red. The blue was […]

Marvel Reveals the New Spider-Man!

After months of speculation, Marvel has revealed who will play Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as who will direct the first new movie Marvel made their new Spider-Man announcement on their official site: “Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are proud to announce that after a full worldwide casting search, Tom Holland will […]