Podcast #78 – Star Wars Spin Offs, Indiana Jones, X-Files Returns?

  Today Tyler joined the podcast for the first time in a year.  We rambled about the new Star Wars movies, Batman, and everything in between.  We covered the following stories. Oscar Nominee Set to Replace Gary Whitta on the First Star Wars Spin-Off Could Visceral’s Star Wars Game Feature a Young Han Solo? Star […]

Rumor: Simon Kinberg Replacing Gary Whitta On The Star Wars Spin-Off

When Gary Whitta was suddenly replaced as the writer of the first Star Wars spin off, it was reported that a new writer would be hired to replace him on the movie. It now seems like we know who that will be. Both MakingStarWars and ClubJade found a Slashfilm article where it’s been revealed that […]

Rumor: Three Obi-Wan Spin-Offs Being Planned?

A couple of weeks ago a rumor came out that said Lucasfilm was seriously considering an Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off movie. This comes after Obi-Wan won Lucasfilm’s “March Madness” character voting contest as the most popular character, so they quickly abandoned the rumored “no Jedi” rule for the spin-offs to fast-track ideas for an Obi-Wan movie. […]

Podcast #66 – Star Wars Rumor Patrol, Game of Thrones news, Jupiter Ascending delayed

We had  a bunch of Episode 7 rumors that came out this week.  Here’s a few things to remember about the rumor mill. Abrams left a funny note on the set after that big TMZ leak. Speculation about Dathomir Sith Witches here, and news that Josh Trank will be tackling a spin-off.  And in Marvel gossip, we […]

\’Chronicle\’ & \’Fantastic Four\’ Director Josh Trank Making a Star Wars Film

Following the announcement that Gareth Edwards would direct the first Star Wars Spin-Off, Lucasfilm has just revealed that Josh Trank will also be doing one of the non-Episode installments of Star Wars. Unlike with the Gareth Edwards announcement, there’s no release date for this movie. Although if the leaked lineup is any indication, it’ll likely […]

Star Wars \’Episodes\’ Coming Every Other Year, Three Spin-Offs Planned

Yesterday Disney held their quarterly earnings call in which Bob Iger ran down everything Disney-related for investors. Naturally he talked a bit about Star Wars as production is ramping up in the UK, and Iger mentioned how he was recently over there and how great Star Wars is shaping up. Later in the call he […]