Rian Johnson\’s Requested Change to The Force Awakens is Revealed!

Star Wars fans have known for a while that Rian Johnson had some kind of input into the final version of The Force Awakens, but until now it’s been a mystery. Today Entertainment Weekly revealed exactly what he requested JJ Abrams change in the movie: “Yes … The big [favor] was, I asked if R2 […]

Frank Oz Describes How George Lucas\’ Episode VII Would\’ve Been Different

Many Star Wars fans know the story of how George Lucas originally intended to make Episode VII himself and then sell off Lucasfilm, but they still wonder what his version of The Force Awakens would be like. We know Rey is based on a concept George came up with (a young girl trying to be […]

Adam Driver Clarifies His \’Empire Strikes Back\’ Episode 8 Comparison

A few weeks ago everyone was running stories claiming that Adam Driver compared Episode 8 to The Empire Strikes Back. As it’s the second chapter in a three act story, of course it’s going to have a different tone than The Force Awakens. But that didn’t stop people from making sensationalist stories about how dark […]

BBFC Says the 3D Force Awakens Blu-Ray is Six Minutes Longer

The 3D Blu-Ray of The Force Awakens is out in just a couple of months, and the British Board of Film Classification has an interesting runtime for it. According to the BBFC’s website, the 3D Blu-Ray version of The Force Awakens is six minutes longer than the 2D version: Interestingly this is also longer than […]

The Two New Deleted Scenes on The Force Awakens 3D Blu-Ray Revealed

Yesterday Lucasfilm announced the deluxe 3D Collector’s Edition of The Force Awakens, and fans were left wondering what was actually new on the set. The deluxe Collector’s Edition includes all of the special features from the April release, including all of the previously digital-exclusive extras from iTunes and Target. That includes the Han Solo “Tunnel […]

The Force Awakens 3D Collector\’s Edition Blu-Ray Out November 15th

There’s a new Blu-Ray of The Force Awakens coming, and this one will actually include an audio commentary by JJ Abrams. Releasing on November 15th in the US the 3D Collector’s Edition of The Force Awakens will include the film on 3D Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray, and a disc of extras. Entertainment Weekly has details on the […]

Foodles Pleads Guilty to Injuring Harrison Ford During The Force Awakens

The “Harrison Ford Crushed by Millennium Falcon Door” was one of the biggest bits of sensational Star Wars clickbait during the lead-up to The Force Awakens. It wasn’t true, it was actually a hydraulic stage door, and now the production company responsible is in trouble. Foodles, one of the two companies involved with TFA (the […]

Rumor: The Prequels & Force Awakens May Be Released on Blu-Ray 3D

Star Wars fans know that even though Disney released The Force Awakens in 3D in theaters, there wasn’t a Blu-Ray 3D version released this past April. The studio normally does the 3D version at the same time on all of their Marvel and animated releases, so it was strange to not see TFA receive the […]

The Force Awakens Luke Finally Receives a Collectible

On display at San Diego Comic Con this week is one of the first major collectibles of The Force Awakens Luke Skywalker. While there is a Funko Pop! vinyl of Luke, there hasn’t yet been an action figure from Kenner, or a Hot Toys figure. That’s now changed. Hot Toys has their Luke Skywalker on […]

New Details on Rey\’s Original \’Force Back\’ Vision in The Force Awakens

Fans who followed the spoilers for The Force Awakens know that Rey’s vision originally showed a lot more than what made it into the final version of the movie. Now some more details have surfaced about what what was cut, and they’re pretty cool. A new video has surfaced with editor Maryann Brandon where she […]

New Force Awakens Deleted Scenes Trailer!

Disney has released a poster and trailer showcasing the deleted scenes on The Force Awakens Blu-Ray. The poster features Kylo Ren in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, which happens to be one of the scoops that MakingStarWars dropped during the production of the movie and people mocked them for when the scene didn’t appear […]

Preview The Force Awakens Making-Of Documentary

One of the special features on The Force Awakens Blu-Ray will be a feature-length documentary much like “The Beginning” on Episode I’s DVD. This morning Good Morning America posted a two-minute preview of the documentary that actually shows off some cool things. You get to see Phasma without her helmet on, and John Boyega’s screen […]