Disney+: Everything You Need To Know About New Disney’s Streaming Service

Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+ is the latest project that will bring new shows that expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars franchise.¬†Disney is ending their partnership with the popular streaming site, Netflix and is opening their service in 2019. Disney+ will be the new home for all your favorite Disney, Marvel, and […]

Disney Didn\’t \’Ruin\’ Star Wars, They Saved It

With all sorts of stupidity erupting on the internet this week following the directors of the Han Solo movie being fired, the false idea of Disney “ruining” Star Wars has popped up again. But for people who have followed the franchise over the years, Disney buying Lucasfilm actually saved the franchise from dying off. For […]

Idiot YouTuber Believes Snoke\’s Name is \’Victor\’

Mike Zeroh’s stupidity strikes again. Not long after the YouTube hoaxer and content thief stunned the world with idiocy of Snoke being an acronym (Sith No One Knew Existed), he’s gone full retard with a new video where he believes Snoke’s name is really Victor. Want to know why this is stupid and the guy’s […]

Why Disney Wants Avengers and Star Wars in the Same Month

When Disney announced that Episode IX would release in May of 2019, making it the second of their Star Wars movies releasing in the summer after Han Solo, many people became confused. Why would Disney release an Avengers movie and a Star Wars movie in the same month two years in a row? It’s actually […]

Video: See Kathleen Kennedy Laugh at the Idea of Changing George\’s Star Wars

Earlier this week the news came out via the Steel Wars podcast that Kathleen Kennedy would not touch George Lucas’ final versions of the Star Wars movies. As expected, the internet went into meltdown mode. Those still holding out hope for an Unaltered Original Trilogy release immediately went into denial mode and began to split […]

Kathleen Kennedy Won\’t Touch the Star Wars George Left Us With

In the latest Steele Wars podcast, Kathleen Kennedy reveals that she won’t do anything to change the versions of Star Wars we currently have. At first Steele asked her if there was any contractual agreement (possibly alluding to the rumor that Lucas put it in the Disney deal) preventing them from touching the Original Trilogy. […]

Celebration Orlando Proved a Big Pro-Prequel Argument is Real

Of all of the news that came out of Star Wars Celebration Orlando there was something Prequel-related that flew over many people’s heads. Possibly because they didn’t want to acknowledge the truth, but it was right there on display for everyone to see. A major pro-prequel argument was proven to be very valid by what […]

A 2020 Obi-Wan Standalone is Sounding More Unlikely

Heading into Star Wars Celebration earlier this month now-false rumors were proclaiming that Lucasfilm would wow fans with an announcement of an Obi-Wan movie during the 40th Anniversary panel. Obviously that didn’t happen, and now more official comments have come out to throw some cold water on the idea of an imminent Obi-Wan movie announcement. […]

Star Wars Fans Need to Stop Using the \’Canon\’ Word

Just about every Star Wars fan is guilty of it, including me, but it’s time to retire the term “canon”. Fans obsess over what is or isn’t canon, but since the reset back in 2014 that really isn’t needed. Everything prior to 2014 that isn’t one of the movies or part of The Clone Wars […]

Lucasfilm: No Announcement of Post-Episode IX Star Wars Movies in 2017

One of the more persistent (and seemingly bogus) rumors going into this year’s Star Wars Celebration was that they would surprise everyone with an announcement of an Obi-Wan movie. That’s obviously not on the table at this year’s convention, and we won’t hear anything about any Star Wars movie past 2019 this year. Fandango has […]

This Morning\’s \’Big\’ Star Wars Announcement Was Just a Force for Change Contest

Good Morning America was hyping up a big Star Wars announcement this morning that you wouldn’t want to miss, and as expected it was an announcement not many people really cared about. Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley appeared towards the end of the show this morning to announce this year’s Force for Change contest. Those […]