Why Is Telltale Games Closing Down For Good?

Telltale Games has met its end as they prepare to shut down the company for good. According to a report by GameDaily, the company is selling off its assets. The co-found of the consulting firm, Sherwood Partners confirmed in the statement that they are handling all the liquidation processes. A former employee of the gaming […]

PS4K \’Neo\’ Release Date Could Be October 13th

It’s been a busy day for Sony’s new PlayStation 4. Yesterday a presentation leaked providing solid proof of its specs (it’s less powerful than Xbox Scorpio) and now the release date may have slipped out. According to the VGLeaks website, Amazon Spain had a new model PlayStation 4 listed for October 13th: This meshes with […]

Disney cancels all development on Disney Infinity Games and Toys

The Walt Disney Company has decided to cease production on the Disney Infinity series of video games and toys according to a post on the Disney Interactive blog. John Blackburn, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Disney Interactive had the following to say: By now you may have heard the news that we have […]

Exist Archive Launches in North America October 18th on PS4 and PSVita

Aksys Games took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce the news that they will be localizing Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky for PlayStation 4 and Vita. It will be released on October 18th as both a physical and digital release. Exist Archive is a JRPG by tri-Ace, the developers of Star […]

WH40k: Space Marine (PC) – Review

Admittedly this has come a little later than I had hoped. This is largely down to a fancy old hoo-hah (to use the entirely technical terminology), which delayed the general release of Space Marine in the UK, that many people suspect involves one or two of our bigger national retailers. Many people have their strong […]

WH40k: Space Marine – I heard you like axes too

Three videos have made their way onto Youtube, courtesy of Gamespot (and presumably THQ and so on, as well). You can now have a nice gawk at three melee weapons, the Power Axe, Thunderhammer and Chainsword. I mananged to pull away long enough to share this awesomeness!  Here is the trailer of the Power Axe, […]

20 Examples of Final Fantasy Cosplay

[imagebrowser id=1] Whether you love them or hate them, cosplayers will always be a part of our lives.  From Star Wars to Street Fighter and everything in between.  Some can pull it off, others not so much.  But at the end of the day it’s the love for the game that matters most.  Here are […]

WH40K: Space Marine Cinematic

  Yep that’s right, a new cinematic.  And this one is filled with all sorts of funny British accents. I wonder if after a hard day’s slaughter they sit down to tea and lift their pinky!  No.. Perhaps not. I guess they just continue killing stuff in their crazed ways! As per the trailer you […]

Revenge of the Titans – Interview

I managed to catch up with Cas from Puppy Games and chat very briefly about their tower defense game Revenge of the Titans.  Puppy Games is a two-man team, with Cas handling programming and business at one end and Chaz as the artistic genius on the other! What were the main sources of inspiration that […]

Revenge of the Titans – Review

Revenge of the Titans is just one of an intriguing collection of games that has been developed by the two-man studio Puppy Games.  As with the other Puppy titles, Revenge of the Titans shares a very retro appearance.  This particular game is all about tower defense strategy, in which the Titans, an invading alien force […]