Here Is Why Aquaman Will Surprise Everyone

The DCEU’s next movie, Aquaman is almost upon us. One of the oldest and most notable Justice League superheroes is coming back on the big screen in his feature-length film. Based on the trailers that have been released thus far, Warner Brothers is doing its best to give this film the treatment it deserves. Trailers […]

Reshoots, Multiple Edits and Panic: the Behind the Scenes Drama of Suicide Squad

Much like Batman v Superman, reviews for DC/Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad have been less than glowing (you can read our take on it here). But what managed to stay under the rug until very last minute was all the apparent behind-the-scenes drama that took place during filming. At this point, you’ve read about all the […]

Want \’Dark Knight\’ or \’Inception\’? There\’s an app for that.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Warner Brothers is launching “app editions” of some of their movies, starting with  Inception and The Dark Knight. This will allow the company to sell movies on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices outside of the firm’s iTunes Store. Consumers with iPhones, iPads or an iPod touch can […]

Mass Effect Coming To Big Screen

[youtube=] The successful RPG know as Mass Effect is going to be made into a film adaptation. At BioWare, we’ve always thought of Mass Effect as having the depth, emotion and plot twists perfectly suited for an adaptation to a motion picture,” said Casey Hudson. “With Legendary and Avi and Ari Arad attached, we believe […]